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Ultramarine Daisy

All Natural Stuffed Shin Bone for Dogs

All Natural Stuffed Shin Bone for Dogs

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If You’re Looking For A Healthy Snack That Will Make Your Doggy Go Crazy, You Should Look No Further!

 The Ecokind Pet Treats premium stuffed shin bone for dogs is finally here to help satisfy your dog’s desire to chew and keep your sneakers and furniture safe from your pet’s jaws!

Attention Dog Owners! This Is What Your Dog Wants!

Close your eyes and imagine your favorite BBQ beef burger, your favorite peperoni pizza or barbecued ribs. Now you can understand how much your furry friend will enjoy this stuffed dog bone for aggressive chewers!

 Here Are The Top 5 Reasons To Choose Our Meaty Dog Bone: It’s Healthy! – unlike all those low-quality dog chews or treats, our dog bone for aggressive chewers is 100% natural and contains no additives. It’s Delicious! – carefully slow-roasted to retain all the meaty flavors, our huge dog bone will make your doggy jump up and down from joy. It’s Safe! – our shin bone is sourced from grass-fed, free-range cattle, so you can rest assured that it’s fully digestible and ideal for sensitive stomachs. It’s Nutritious! – each large dog bone for aggressive chewers contains essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins for a balanced diet. It’s Chew-tastic! – your doggo will stop chewing on your brand new shoes or coffee table legs and start enjoying this long-lasting yummy beef bone!

 And The Best Part? The Ecokind Pet Treats dog filled bones for canines are ideal for all breeds and sizes. From German Shepherds and Labradors to Yorkshire Terriers, Beagles, Poodles, Rottweilers, French Bulldogs, Boxers and Siberian Huskies!

 What Are You Waiting For? Click “Add To Cart” NOW & Spoil Your Pooch Today!

 Use this and all dog chews only under close supervision.

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